A Chameleon of a Pouch

A pouch is a great way to carry things that you need on the go. It can hold all your essentials for quick and easy access. It extends upon the functionality of a purse and takes up less space than a backpack.

About the Product

The BT21 Enamel Pouch is another offering from Bt21 shop .It is recommended for use as a purse, a cosmetic bag, a travel pouch or a toiletry bag. It is perfect for daily use and costs $28 on Amazon.

The product is 210(H) x 140(L) x 60(W) mm in size and made of polyurethane and polyester material. It comes in seven variants – one each for Tata, Cooky, Shooky, Mang, Koya, Chimmy and RJ. The pouch has a zipper enclosure to secure the contents inside. It comes with a wrist loop on one side for ease of carrying.

A Closer Look

The product comes in official packaging and is securely wrapped and protected. It is adorable, spacious and well made and comes in the size of a small notebook. Each variant comes with a BT21 character in its trademark expression on the front right side. Chimmy comes with a yellow colored pouch, Cooky in pink, Koya in sea blue, Mang in violet, Shooky in sky blue while Tata and RJ are in red.

The product is bigger than expected. It has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. The colors on the product are vibrant, just like the BT21 characters, and give it a great look. The material is comfortable, yet firm and the product retains its shape even if the bag is empty. The zipper is sturdy and of good quality and has the BT21 tag on it. The long wrist loop on the left is, also, strong. There is a netted pocket on the inside of the pouch to hold small items and make it easy to locate them. There are two small loops on either side of the bag.

The pouch can be carried inside another bag. It can, also, be easily converted to a purse, sling bag or crossbody bag by adding rings on each side and attaching a chain or a strap to both ends. Customers have used this bag for holding cosmetics, school supplies, toiletries, stationery, and BTS merchandise, among other things.

Most customers think that the product is worth the price they paid for it. One concern voiced by customers is that the material used for the exterior is soft and prone to scratches. So, it is recommended to use the product with care and keep it away from sharp objects. One buyer received a defective item with a broken wrist loop. But, overall, fans are satisfied with their purchase.

Final Thoughts

This product is eye-catching and versatile. Whether you use it as a pouch or flaunt it as a clutch or a purse, the vivid colors and playful patterns will ensure that others take notice. It is a premium product, but the flexibility it offers should make up for the cost. A fabulous choice for BTS fans.

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