Lil Peep Style

You have probably seen Quavo from the Migos, Playboi Carti or even the late xxxtentacion, in some cut and sewn, distressed and embellished denim. Lil peep was one of the top streetwear brands last year and will certainly be on the lookout this year. The never-ending need of fashionistas for self-expression is bound to be satisfied by Lil peeps as his clothing line is getting more and more popularity across the world. With its vibrant colors and oddly cut denim, Best definitely holds the title for one of the most prominent DIY designers in the recent years.

It all started in his father’s tailor shop. Everard admits to learning everything he knows from his dad and he has been developing his deep love for crafting clothes ever since. After taking on the tailoring business, Best managed to push forward his work.  With the support from urban stars like Juelz Santana, Yung Bans, Quavo, Joey Badass, Slim Jimmy, Playboi Carti, the late Lil Peep and other, right now Lil peep is surely a staple in the handcrafted streetwear couture, selling his clothes through his Instagram and the brand’s website.

The freelance artist, as he often calls himself, delivers a unique style of his own and his outfits are sometimes considered plainly “outrageous”. Although he had always maintained a desire for fashion, it was not until 2012 when he officially took part in the Lease on Life Society line. In 2014, Everard Best debuted his first collection, called BRVDO1. Since 2016, his LIL PEEP brand has been rapidly growing in popularity and it is probably due to his determination and creativity which never disappoints even the most capricious.

The Lil peep collections traditionally feature layered and embellished denim, leather trousers, all filled with vibrant and at times weird colors. His handcrafted approach to streetwear can be easily seen in his latest collection “Rumors of War”.

As of now, he is preparing a one-day do-it-yourself workshop in Paris where fans can take direct part in the crafting of four jean styles. Participants will be given the opportunity to make their own pairs which will allow them to gain experience “worth way more than a logo”, as Best explains. This plays a huge role in his idea of mentorship through which the younger generation has the chance of learning techniques and skills with which to materialize their own ideas. His ideas are expected to be further expanded in his new collection which will be showcased this June in New York.

Although a lot of designers stray away from the term “streetwear”, the Lil peep brand fully embraces it and surely makes it something to be proud of. What’s more, his “drops” last only a few days and the people that manage to get their hands on one of the brand’s clothes are really lucky. This certainly adds to the uniqueness of the clothing line itself because it is extremely limited. As Best describes himself, he is “the Hood’s Ralph Lauren” and if you are looking for that type of outfits, Lil peep is something you should look out for.

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