Reborn Dolls: Are They Grieving Parents’ New Hope?

One of the major causes of grief in families is the absence of a child. The reason for the absence of a baby could be twofold; the inability of parents to conceive or the death of a kid. Overcoming such incidences isn’t that easy.

Then we have the advent of Reborn dolls. So super realistic are these dolls that they are easy to confuse to the real baby. Have you ever come across a doll that looks, weighs, and feels like a real baby? A doll that can even pee and poo? That’s what hyper-realistic reborn dolls can do.

For the grieving parents, the reborn dolls offer hope, to an extent.  The reborn of a doll to exhibit the features of a lost child can help you get over such grief. Or can it?

Use of Reborn dolls taking a new turn

Since the advent of Reborn dolls in the 1990s, many people have taken to them merely as collectibles. Thus artist and manufacturing companies are ever evolving their skills to make more realistic dolls than ever before. Therefore you can now buy dolls with hands that open and closes, eat and pee.

Using high-quality platinum silicone material you can now get the adorable toy with the look and touch of a baby. The “babies” have the realistic texture of human infants

That’s why women grieving their lost babies or those who can’t conceiving are turning to reborn babies for consolation.  To such women customized reborn dolls offers some hope.

For instance, one can order a customized dolls that look real from specifying sex, skin color, and color of the eyes. With such more excellent details mimicking the features of her lost son or daughter, such a parent gets some satisfaction.

What next after adopting the dolls?

A more significant percentage of women after adopting the dolls give them the treatment of a real child.  Mothers who had therefore suffered miscarriages or stillbirths then have the chance of becoming parents to the dolls.  Such a parent then helps the baby to bathe, dress, feed and even takes them for an evening stroll.  So precious are the dolls that they even have their beds.

For example, take the case of a woman that realizes at 22 years that she has lost her ability to conceive.  In desperate measures and consolation to become a mother, she turns to Reborn dolls for solace.  She makes a collection of three such dolls to become her children

So vital are the dolls to her that she does everything for them; from shopping trips, strolling and even holidays.


So the degree of realism of the reborn babies offers them the ability to fill up the gap of grieving parents. Although it can’t take the place of a real human toddler or infant completely, it offers consolation to a certain degree.

So do you have experience with reborn dolls that you would wish to share with other parents?  Why not share it with us below? 00000000000

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